Thursday, June 12, 2008

Other Ones

Google Sat

Google Hybrid

Google Physical

Google Street



There's actually even more of 'em but I ain't got 'em all hooked up as toggles like this.

There's even some radar stuff for weather I could add heh.

Ah yah I been meaning to see if I couldn't animate some rain and thunder and lightning falling down on the map, I keep forgetting about that.

I think I can do it with a semi-transparent image overlay, y'know, to make it look like the ground is "lighting up" in flashes and stuff.

C'mon that's classic ahaha.

Oh I got my click-to-move thing working the way I want it to, too, where your guy mostly stays in the middle of the screen as you zoom along, even at crazy high 1500+ mph speeds zoomed all the way in with the map rolling quicker than I've ever seen it go over a long period of time, it was a matter of adjusting my animation timer to the perfect spot.

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