Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Time and Space

For the last couple weeks, I been helping my mom re-roof her "summer" house out in the middle of the woods, and helping my stepdad rebuild the engine of the 1970-something Suburban he uses once every ten years to pull his sailboat around.

Actually, he has two identical 1970-something Suburbans for that one purpose.

And so I guess each of 'em only have to work their ass off once every twenty years, y'know, whenever he needs to move his boat, lucky bastards, those damn trucks are like the Manly Man Version of a Pet Cat, sleeping all around the house and making me jealous and shit heh.

I got myself a tan from working outside on a black asphalt roof.

Well, actually, I got a tan on just my forearms, and my face, and the rest of me is still as white as a fetus.

But as long as nobody sees me naked, and I wear gloves, I can pass myself off as a regular red-skinned hard-working junkyard surfhippy hillbilly construction guy, if I want.

Not that that's ever been a lifelong aspiration of mine or anything, that's more like my default mode of operation, that's what I'd turn into if I didn't smoke so many cigarettes and quit drinking coffee or something heh.

Anyways it was cool up there, in the Middle of Nowhere in the Middle of Summer, what with the fresh air and the Million Miles of Woody Jungle that my stepdad owns.

And the impossible amount of stars they got in the night sky out in the country is kickass, y'know, when yer used to the slim pickings you get, peeking up at a couple of miserable stars through the bald spots in the orange sherbert glow of the city.

Up there you can actually see the Fat Band of the Milky Way, like a ring around our planet, and the stars go all the way down to the horizon like a sparkling curtain on every side of you, and they had that Meteor Shower while I was up there, so I got to see all them smoky little monster-movie meteors fly around while I was drinking all my parent's beer, it was like I was eleven years old all over again heh.

But now I'm back home at my Pizza Box Furniture Compartment Palace in the city, and I can sit around in the air conditioning and smoke cigarettes in my underpants, again, finally, so its all good.

Working out there in the country woods with my parents was kinda like going back to a summer in the 70s or something, y'know?

And now I'm back in the present.

Oh man, my stepdad actually has cable internet up there at his house in the woods, lucky bastard, he's got every fucking thing a nerd could want up there, tons of land and no neighbors, stars, beer, boats, muscle trucks, my mom's cooking, and high speed internet heh.

But he is kinda bummed 'cause he's gotta come back to the Big Futuristic City and teach a bunch of college losers to pay for all that 1970s Country Hippy Woods shit.

So there's always give and take, y'know.

You always gotta pay for each and every movement through space and time.

Even me, going up there and playing with all his kickass toys, I mean, it wasn't free, y'know, I had to break my ass fixing the fucking roof on their house in the middle of a heatwave and act like a crane to help him lower two hundred pound engine parts into his sick truck and shit heh.

Yah, see, that's why I don't feel bad about drinking all their beers ahaha.

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