Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Pit Fighting Champion

This first mug you are gonna have to fight in the pit fighting ring is bad news, son.

Yah, so far, every single time he's been in a fight, he's killed his opponent on his first swing.

He hasn't even missed once or twice, yet, either, he just takes that one swing, and the body hits the floor, that's his MO.

He don't make a big deal about, either, he just kills his opponent and walks off stage.

I dunno what you gotta do to beat him, just don't hold anything back and hit him with everything you got, I guess.

If yer lucky, you'll get to fight the next guy, who disarms and then kills everybody with whatever weapon they bring into the ring to use against him.

Yah, but don't worry, I got a strategy for that one, at least, I'm gonna send you into the ring armed with a seat cushion or something.

But this first guy, I dunno farmboy, I think yer screwed.


Tuna said...

LOL! You been using that wacky tabacccy again??

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Naw, this is all natural, I can't write (alone) when I'm stoned, and I can't take credit for anything I write when I'm drunk, so I don't usually write anything unless I'm sober.

Although, if I had to do a writing job for money, and I didn't give a shit about anything except the money, I'd just get drunk and high and muscle through it, 'cause that makes everything easy 'cept the "editing to client's taste" afterwards.

We need to get together again soon and have a Big Chief Puffmuch Indian Smokelodge thing so I can finish my goddam Three Monkey Story.

And I see you are writing a LITTLE (you gotta keep going, y'know, you ain't the kinda writer that starts good, yer the kind that starts all bad and sucky and slow with coughing fits and explosions and backfires until you hit your cruising speed and start running smoothly and making me smile and laugh), but where the hell is Ex-bouncer's shit?

If he ain't gonna do nothing, maybe me and you should get together (I know its cheesy, but Little Brother Jealousy Threats like that always seem to work on Ex-B, y'know, 'cause he's a Little Brother and I'm an Older Brother ahaha).

Tuna said...

Big Chief Puffmuch Indian Smokelodge! LOL! thats great dude! We should make some t-shirts that say that! I will shoot ex-bouncer a line and see if he his down for that! Meanwhile, you stll have some smokage left, cause its dry around here. I wont come empty handed though, I will bring one bag of horny roasted peanuts for you and ten for me! Cool? I hope my hat has not disturbed your Viking-ness. LOL!