Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some Zen

Woody Allen says there are two sorts of people, those that say there are two sorts of people, and those who don't.

I think there is two sorts of people, those that quote Woody Allen right, and those who don't.

Can't untangle that one heh.

So lemme switch to Yoda Style:

Western Philosophy's love for Duality (y'know, everything has a beginning and ending, there's good guys and bad guys, everything is pairs in opposition, blah blah blah) leads to Polarization.

And polarization is what leads to dehumanization and villainization all the other bad stuff that I learned from that English Guy that Dundee likes.

Yah, it is the root of politics heh.

But you don't have to be lured into that simple pendulum potential energy trap.

You can depolarize things.

You can bleed the potential energy out the hammer that's getting ready to come down slowly, like a guy defusing a bomb, one wire at a time, and nurse the unbalanced system back to a less dangerous (and more natural) state of equilibrium.

You can humanize yourself and your opponent.

It don't take much to shuffle your feet a little and take a look in the same direction he is.

To try to appreciate and understand his point of view.

And then you aren't standing in opposition to each other.

And then, if you do end up having to punch him in the head, at least you know your enemy a little better Art of War Style and you can probably fire off a sneak attack and catch him off guard heh.

But it is always a failure of your appreciation and understanding when it comes down to that, y'know?

We're not perfect, we don't understand everything like people will a thousand years from now, if there are any people around a thousand years from now.

And so we can't fix everything the way it deserves.

And sometimes you do just gotta put a dog down.

But we can appreciate the situation we're in, and how it ain't ideal, when we gotta do stuff like that, insteada trying to make the Dog into an Evil Alien Death Robot 'cause that'll make it easier on ourselves when we gotta put him down.

Take responsibility for the shit you gotta do when ya gotta do the shit jobs, y'know?

Its less insane and actually respectful to just feel bad about the imperfect shit we gotta do when we gotta do the imperfect shit, insteada working ourselves up into some kinda berserker blood frenzy every time we gotta do something sucky 'cause we're all a bunch of dummasses that can't think of a better solution yet.

And we definitely don't gotta go around winding the pendulums up worse than they already are like a crazy person and making more bombs for the Depolarization Bomb Squad to defuse by shoving all the unbalanced folks around.

So don't do that shit, or I'll have to punch you in the head heh.

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