Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ride On

I been playing Mount & Blade a lot, y'know.

Well, I know it starts out kinda slow and everything, I thought it looked and felt pretty Grade A rinky-dink at first, even though they let me be a Monk.

But once you join a side and turn into a prisoner-liberatin' warlord and get rolling with a humongous gang of heavily armored upgradeable dudes on horseback thundering across the battlefields and crashing into your enemies, its abso-friggin-smashingly kick ass.

Seriously, it beats the ever-lovin' shit out of solitaire heh.

And then I started checking out the mods for it.

And I downloaded this "the Last Days" Lord of the Rings Mod.

There's a link to the download thingie on there.

And oh man, once again, I thought it was kinda rinky dink at first.

And it was buggy, too, y'know, there's a memory leak or something, even though setting the texture size thing to the smallest setting helps a little (and makes the kick ass armor in the game a lot uglier heh).

And the thing takes a smoke-break-and-a-half to load on my machine.

And its a lot harder to play than Regular Mount & Blade, too, there's no easy newbie stuff to do at all, you just gotta run around and jump into fights that are already started and hope you don't get yer ass killed in the beginning, and the combat is a lot more quick and deadly, and the pressure to perform well is really on, y'know, 'cause Reloading a Save Game takes forever heh.

But I put up with all that and eventually I got the hang of it, too.

And man oh man, am I ever glad I did, 'cause now I'm riding around with this humongous gang of my own Rohan Horseman Guys (all fifty seven flavors of 'em), helping the Elven Archer armies and Gondor by pounding all the supply lines and scouting groups and patrols and Lesser and Greater Hosts and Heroes of all the different evil armies of Middle Earth (like the Haradrim and the Corsairs and Easterlings and Dunnish and the orcs of Moria and Isengard) into the ground.

And now, when I lead my troops into battle with that suicical headlong smash into the waiting enemy ranks, I'm like, being all strategic and stuff heh.

If yer an old Daggerfall guy ('cause then I know you can put up with bugs as good as me heh) slash Warlords guy ('cause it reminds me of games like Warlords, although the combat in Mount & Blade is a little more exciting ahaha), like me, then you gotta try this thing, seriously.

Its a good game, and that Last Days has my vote for the best mod for a game ever, its a Vulgar Display of Power, they added tons of faction specific armor and new units like the Orc Warg Riders and new places you can visit like Helm's Deep and all this background mechanics that makes the original game way better.

There's no pony riding hobbit armies though heh.

Man, if only it had multiplayer, what with its modding capabilities and everything, I'd be tempted to actually quit blabbering for a while and help them replace the Aging UO Emulator Scene.

It'd only need a little help to get there, y'know?

Some dollhouse crap and some farming shit is all it needs.

Well, its got all the guy crap already heh.

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