Monday, August 27, 2007

The Elven Infantry Captain

I lead a small group of elven infantry into battle.

Well, I sorta ride a Heavily Armored Elven Warhorse on Autopilot behind the Point Guy in the Cutting Wedge of their formation, but its called Leading Them Into Battle anyways, even though my legs don't get messy in the grass, so, I dunno.

Sometimes I get down off my horse and I fight alongside them, and I kick some serious ass with my two hander, just to show my stuff to the New Troops, y'know, show 'em why the Old Man is the Boss haha.

But I'm stealing all their experience points when I do that so mostly I don't do that.

It would be nice if I could target the Point Guy and Autofollow him around, but I can't do that, so I gotta steer every once in a while, and change speeds on my horse sometimes, y'know, up and down with the W and S keys and side to side with the A and D as I approach a battle, tippety tap, and I gotta keep the camera facing the right way with the mouse, so I don't end up in the middle of a Middle Earth Orc Mosh Pit.

It costs influence to recruit Elven Troops, you can't just pay 'em in money like you can with the Human Troops, and the Evil Side doesn't take Elves prisoner (well, it takes some Rivendell Half Elf guys prisoner, but it kills the rest) but I'm an Elf and Elves get more Influence Points every week so I can just buy 'em with that heh.

Anyways the Big Deal about Elven Troops is that they go up to Rank 8, where everybody else (all the human and evil Troop Guys) just goes up to rank 6 or something.

They should be pretty Badass and Kungfu Awesome, at some point, I figure *cough*

Oh, and my strategy was to turn all six of those Lothlarien Scouts you can get into Loth Infantry Guys, this time, insteada Archers, and they just mow everybody down, so that's a good strategy, that strategy don't make me lose any sleep at night heh.

Sometimes one of them dies, and I have to reload a save game, and that takes forever, so you hope that none of 'em die, 'cause Expensive Ass Elf Troops like this aren't taken prisoner, they're all executed after battle, if they're on the losing side.

I'm raising up some Riverdill Duderman Men At Arms guys too, so I can make those Knights of Arnor Rank 8 Horseman Guys, they're pretty gnarly berserker infantry until they become horsemaster guys, so that's sorta fun, and not annoying, like raising archers ahaha.

I ain't got no Woodelves, at all, all Lothlorien Infantry and a couple Loth Archers and some Dunads Infantry and Cavalry types, all Elf Troops start out as archers and it really sucks trying to level them up by kiting guys around while they shooot at 'em, heh, so whenever I get a chance I get rid of them and turn them into Infantry Units so they start taking care of themselves and I don't gotta worry about 'em so much.

Its kinda fun lowriding into battle all slow behind a line of Elven (and Half Elven) Infantry Units, I just got to the point where they are tough enough that I don't usually have to get off my horse and Hero around unless there's more than one Cave Troll around or somebody I gotta knock unconscious with my stick so I can turn him in for a quest, like the captains of their armies, I always got to tell my army to wait at the place where we beam in to the battle map then I gottta ride out and capture the enemy leader guy by myself at the beginning of every major battle so that my own troops won't kill him.

And they're getting a lot of kills so that's good.

I used a character editor to give my Elf 30 in all the stats and level 10 in every skill right from the beginning, so all I ever do is give myself a couple weapon skill points every time I level up, but its fun to watch my Toy Infantry Guys level up because they change outfits and get better armor and weapons and shields and stuff.

Oh man, Rohan and Gondor ain't been doing as good asI have up here in the Northern Lands, where I only gotta deal with Moria, which I already crushed, and Dol Guldur, the Evil Sorcerer Tower in Mirkwood, and I'm just keeping him around so I can milk experience points off him and level up troops to max before I head south.

Rohan and Gondor both went down into the Weakened State, and that's just one state away from the Check to Checkmate Step, so I went down there and I helped them fight for a little bit, and I got Rohan back to Strong.

But I need to finish the Dol Guldur quests before I can use their kings for quests, I think, and I can't do that until I'm sure I'm at the Very Highest Rank of the Elves, because I only get rank for Dol Guldur quests.

I'm a Captain (Breleg Brayhoo, or something, in Elvish haha) of the Annuin or something, I dunno if that's the last rank or not, but I still got a bunch of quests I gotta turn in, that should rank me if there is one past that.

And I've got a quest right now to beat a Great Host of Dol Guldur, and Dol Guldur still won't be totally smashed after that.

And I saved the game at the point where I'm riding across the lawn toward them, and I came here to write this little Captain's Note.

And now I'm glad I wrote this 'cause it reminded me to make a backup copy of that save game heh.

Well, I figured, insteada explaining how to cheat and everything, I could just give you a save game you can load with all the stuff already done for you, you'll have my generic Elf with 30 stats who can run faster than a speeding locomotive and all that heh.

I have a savegame when he first shows up in the game, I have one after I made him the Bandit Champion of the Arena in the Bandit Fort and answered all the Old Man's Questions, I got the one from when the Great War Started, when I hit level 8, and now I got this one, too.

Man, I wish I knew an easy rightclick way I could put this shit up somewhere, its not like it huge or anything, its some gamesaves.

I could send it to ya in an email or something.

Whatever, you can do it all for yourself, too.

Or not do it at all, for that matter.

*shwish shwack*

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