Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Alive

So I been thinking about getting a nice new frankenstein computer with big muscles on it and glowies and sparkles and new toy smell shooting out of it and everything.

Well, I'm always thinking about that kinda stuff, a little, y'know, even though I'm getting old, 'cause I'm an old Tom's Hardware Whore from the oldest times, when it didn't totally suck, y'know, and I'm one of the few guys that lived through enough computer hotrod history to make some decent Jealous of Thresh Jokes, and if you can name any of the coolest video cards going all the back to the first 386 it'll produce a flood of memories in me that'll make me laugh out loud ahaha.

"Oh man, remember when Number Nine was the shiz?"

"Yah and the Matrox M-something-or-other haha! You had to have one of those!"

"What was that card we all had from S3?"

We all had SLI with the 3dfx cards and programmed OpenGL and everything, man.

Yah, I'm thinking about putting together a new machine just 'cause I want 6gig of memory and all the other cool Octacore stuff and whatever they got nowadays.

And its fun.

And I got money burning a hole in my pocket.

And I need to get a contemporary version of Windows running somewhere so I can test some junk and see what it looks like in Windows and stuff anyways, 'cause of all the stupid people in the world.

Haha I'm just kidding (a little) sorta but seriously y'know you guys are sorta trading places with the Apple People lately as far as obnoxious proprietary garbage goes thanks to Microsoft.

Macs are still pretty wonky in the UI department but they're basically unix underneath, y'know, and everything we're doing lately as far as graphics programming in browsers and crap goes comes from the Mac side of the gene pool, AppleMacs are totally taking over the internet.

Anyways I got that Linux Guy Fear of Booting Up in the version of Windows I got on this machine, its like going back into an old coalmine full of rusty nails and ghosts that you barely escaped from, or a scary basement fulla cobwebs and horrible memories or something, I dunno how old and buggy and full of security holes it is, I just don't ever wanna have to go back to Windows on this machine, y'know, I'd like to just pick the bones of those directory trees for fonts and codecs and firmware and stuff and leave it at that ahaha.

But I do gotta back there and take a peek at some stuff.

Yah, so I been reading Tom's Hardware (a little) and then I went over to NewEgg and started reading stuff there ('cause that's actually a little better for what I need it for nowadays) and I'm pretty sure I wanna get all this top-of-the-line stuff that costs way more money than its worth and I'm just wondering if any of you guys have done any of that recently and have anything to stay, y'all definitely know more about windows nowadays than I do, and some of ya know more about Linux and the latest hardware pitfalls and 64-bit hassles and crap than I do, too.

I'm gonna get me a new case and graphics card (or two) and the whole nine yards so I don't gotta cannibalize the machine I got now (although I ain't gonna get another monitor, I got a new 24" Samsung with all the best specs and whatever that's all good fer that, I'd just get another one of what I already got if I wanted two).

And the stuff I program doesn't really need any of that power (even though its all servery with mysql and apache and stuff on the backend), and I ain't been in the mood to play any games in a long time, this is just one of those fun things to do, y'know, for computer guys.

Just like painting some old car candy-apple red or carving up a hooker in the garage or whatever is fun for all you other folks ahaha.


Sundry Chicken said...

Had to shop around for video cards and ended up with a Sapphire HD4870 with 1G RAM. Not the best, not the most expensive. Just expensive. Don't really ask me *why* though, my write through cache empties directly into /dev/null.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Haha NOW you have to buy all those games you don't really want like Crysis just so you can brag about how you can run it full blast with all the settings cranked up in order to piss off all the people who bought the game because they actually wanted to play it.