Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Case of the Case

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get this Coolermaster HAF 932 case.

'Cause while the cedar-chip and dog-hair collecting air filters on the Antec 1200 really appeal to a lumberjack like me, the HAF isn't just an ATX case (plus its a little fatter).

The Antec 1200 is really nice looking though, I like the side door better, and I like the way the angled usb jacks are layed out on the front, compared to the HAF.

But the Coolermaster seems to be a more serious cooling design.

I learned about this positive and negative air pressure deal from some guy on a forum, where he was explaining why his buddy's Coolermaster machine was better for heat than his Antec was (gotta remember that angle the next time I need to sell something to somebody ahaha).

Yah, he said the Antec creates negative pressure inside of it by blowing out more than it sucks up, and the Coolermaster sucks more air in to it than it blows out, so the HAF blows air into all its nooks and crannies and out all the cracks in the case, where the Antec sucks air (and dust) in to all its cracks and creates a weird sorta vacuum inside, that was kinda interesting.

Not that you couldn't just fix that by adding some fans or whatever.

I was also wondering about the deal with black radiating heat better, y'know how the coffee in a black coffee cup gets cold faster than the coffee in a white coffee cup, or the reason we use mirrored surfaces in thermoses and the aluminum foil crap on spaceships (to reflect heat back out or back in or whatever, there's three ways that heat transfers through things, and that's a trick for one of 'em),

Anyways I was wondering if black painted cases were better for getting rid of heat.

Like, its all actually some kinda gray aluminum underneath the paint, but if you paint both sides of an aluminum sheet black, does it allow heat to move through it easier?

Is there some kinda advantage to that?

Or does the paint actually screw up the aluminums ability to radiate heat, by sorta trapping and insulating it or something?

Is it better to paint both sides black or mebbe just the outside?

The Antec is painted black on the inside and outside, and the HAF isn't.

See, now there's a fun and strangely utilitarian experiment for you lowrider gearheads with yer fuzzy dice and disco balls and shit ahaha.

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