Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ultimate Version Service Pack 4

So I was all like "I'm upgrading to Windows Vista 64-bit awhellyah!!!" and Ex-bouncer was all like "hahaha good luck with that!" so then I was all like "dude I'm gonna buy six thousand dollars worth of equipment and void all the warranties on everything by overclocking the hell out of it all while running water cooling and everything so I oughta be able to get it to boot up in under thirty minutes!"

Which reminds me of every damn time we didn't want to upgrade to a new windows OS going all the way back to Windows 95 and Windows 98, or the especially hard times that followed the introduction of Windows 2000 when nobody wanted to go there from Windows 98SE.

'Cause before Windows 95 we had Windows for Workgroups 4.11 and we didn't hesitate to jump off that piece of shit ahaha I mean the only thing you could play in Windows back in those days was Railroad Tycoon and Myst and stuff AHAHA.

"OMFG a little piece of the picture is animated in a strange and grainy way!"

But we need drivers for all the fancy new stuff, and hardware companies seem to have a hard enough time making one set of drivers that work, y'know, so there it is, Windows Vista 64-bit it is ahaha.

It is pretty horrible that the more powerful our technology gets, the more frakked up our software gets, I mean, I've read up on Windows Vista a bit and the stuff I seen so far makes NO SENSE AT ALL.

Lemme get this straight... the thing takes forever to boot and runs like crap in order to "speed things up?"

Who exactly is this OS trying to please y'know I don't see anybody else sitting here wtf is it chewing on my hard drive for when I didn't tell it to do anything, its like, trying to predict what I'm gonna do so it can help me do it faster but its taking forever for it to predict anything and its predictions are always wrong or something ahaha.

Meh, whatever, I'm sure Windows 2010 or Windows 11 will fix everything.

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