Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'll Fix the Whole Economy Don't Worry

I'm still spending what little free time I got reading about computer parts and making a shopping list.

This is the case all the kids seem to be getting nowadays, I'm jealous, man, it beats the hell out of the old Thermaltake case I got from the 1980s (looks sorta like this one) with the useless-ass fifty-pound X-Man Danger Room Titanium Door on the front that seems to have been designed solely to make it a little annoying for burglars to place DVDs in your DVD player or something.

I like the way the new "armored" Thermaltake cases look but folks are talking about some kinda weird door thingie on the front of 'em and I don't wanna go through that again ahaha.

I don't like the looks of the Coolermaster cases, especially the ones with the "please somebody invite me to a LAN party" nerd handles on the top, but holy crap they got some bad-ass Mad Max Last of the V10s-looking heatsinks and stuff, I'll prolly get one of those.

There's so many Power Supply Manufacturers and Folks Giving Out Awards nowadays that it makes it hard to buy a Power Supply.

Having a kickass and totally reliable Power Supply is essential, that's the one thing that makes everything else act funny, ain't nothing but headaches and heartaches and lots of damaged components if you don't get a good power supply heh.

I was reading the reviews for some of the interesting ones and they were totally hilarious, one of the guys was like, "this thing is a pos, thanks for turning a $3500 computer into a $750 computer" ahaha.

And then there was another one at newegg (where they have to list "pros" and "cons" for everything) where everybody was like, "oh man, this thing is top notch, if you want the best, this is it," for the "pros" but then in the "cons" they were all like "this thing is as loud as a microwave" and "just wear headphones when you use the computer" and shit AHAHA.

The motherboard reviews are even worse 'cause of all the headaches folks get jacking around with those, and then there's the really scary ones where the dudes rate the product highly even though they've had nothing but problems and had to RMA the thing twice and junk y'know I want summa whatever those folks are taking ahaha.

They're all like "I had nothing but problems for weeks and weeks I couldn't even get the thing to boot but then a minute ago it booted man this motherboard is awesome I love it."

Yah on second thought I don't want whatever it is those folks are taking heh.

Dude your review is not that useful y'know its only been alive for a minute you still gotta try to run a game on it man plus I play mmo games where sometimes I sit there all frigging day long farting off and grabbassing with people man I need the thing to be able to run for eight hours straight and shit without it locking up or getting wobbly ahaha.

I'd be tempted to screw around with water cooling but sometimes I get drunk and the idea of liquids and expenisve computer equipment coming together under the supervision of a drunken viking doesn't seem all that sporting somehow AHAHA.

Bah whatever.

I was thinking about putting up a list of the junk I'm thinking about buying, but I can't figure out how that would be good for anybody, its like, what am I doing, bragging or something?

And its not like I wanna argue about the stuff I wanna get anyways.

There's a part of me that says that it might be good for everybody if I got their gearhead juices flowing again, make 'em smell the new toy smell and get 'em motivated again, or it might be good for the economy, or interesting from an educational perspective, if you're an Amish Guy or a Housefrau or a Dude Who Buys Dells something.

But I think that part of me is actually just making up stupid excuses y'know so that I can brag about my purchases while pretending I'm doing the world a favor or something.

Its not like I have money saving tips for Smart Shoppers or anything man I always just buy all the best stuff y'know I got some kinda weird computer hotrod guy disease where it seems okay to me to pay a thousand dollars for a top-of-the-line component when downgrading it by one version would allow me to buy a top-of-the-line washing machine for that special someone-or-something for christmas.

"Merry Christmas Baby Here's Your New Broom."

Plus I got that "lowrider" disease, with computers insteada cars, y'know, where I wanna put hydraulic lifts on the front of my case with a row of hand-painted mother mary statues on the top and a see-through bead-curtain for a sidepanel with orange shag-rug carpeting and blacklights inside and shit, 'member those things we used to make in school, the little scenes in the shoeboxes with figurines and sand and whatever, I fergit what those were called, but that's what I wanna put in there, have a little christmas scene with some snowy hills and pine trees and a little train going around a village fulla tiny little sparkling lights ahaha.

Ah mebbe that's what this is, a cry for help.

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