Sunday, February 15, 2009


Still researching all the different kinds of crap I need for my new frankenstein machine.

I woulda forgone all the research and just bought a bunch of inferior and poorly researched junk a long time ago if it weren't that the gtx 295 cards have been out of stock at newegg since I started.

So that gave me a lot of extra time to get all stressed out reading reviews and looking at metrics and wrangling over the minutia of every single item going into the goddam thing.

Its not as easy for me as some 'cause I'm a bit of a hardcore linux guy too so I gotta like, double check everything with the darkest corners of the internet where there's only like three other dudes like me hanging around, y'know, my problems aren't strictly limited to framerates in Farcry 2 and problems with Vista or whatever heh.

"Fool! I have all sorts of special needs your primitive human mind couldn't possibly understand!"

I did find a lot of (new to me) fun-to-read little gearhead sites though, like this place, which had the best torture-test review of a motherboard I have ever seen (this ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution review, the accompanying update movie, and the forums heh), and this place, which has a really diverse gang of dudes, so no matter what kinda weird junk yer into you'll probably find somebody else like you (they also have a cool forum where they tell each other about any deals they find on the net for parts).

Then there's the current incarnation of the toms hardware gang, and all the hilarious customer reviews for products on newegg (you'll laugh, you'll cry), and the evga forums are full of cool guys trading tips (as compared to the asus forums where its just a thousand voices shouting out in agony and no one answering haha) , which definitely does a lot to make evga a more appealing brand (evga also has a limited lifetime warranty on their crap, an upgrade-to-the-latest-thing-for-cheaper system, and they respond to their customers a lot, which are the other things that puts them pretty high up there in my mind).

Y'know, 'cause there's safety in numbers and all that, I don't wanna be the only guy with my particular motherboard.

The other good thing about evga is that they ain't releasing like ten different x58 motherboards at once, they just do one at a time, so their whole crowd stays clumped together pretty well.

And if yer a guy that doesn't know anything about computer crap, 'cause yer from hollywood or something, and yer interested in this crap 'cause yer gonna make a stupid ass TV show or movie about computer guys that's a little more realistic than all the rest of that shit you've done so far where we all use Macs (haha) and the moral of the story is that we should read newspapers insteada doing computer stuff, or if yer just bored, then poking your nose in here and watching the evga guys might be interesting to you, 'cause there's a "hot new overclocker motherboard" that's about to be released (mebbe tomorrow).

Yah no, I dunno know what the equivalent of that is for a monster truck fan.

The only bad thing about the evga is that its x58 motherboard is the poorest synthetic benchmark testing x58 motherboard that there is ahaha.

And while synthetic benchmarks definitely ain't everything, they do tell you a little bit about how well all the pieces are handshaking and jitterbugging together.

But then again, the asus p6t deluxe is the king of the synthetic benchmarks (in general), and if you go look at the forums over there, its a nightmare of complaints.

Which makes its seem like an unholy and unstable mess of speeed you've got there on your hands heh.

Which is not really what I wanna deal with, huge bursts of speed between constant lockups and BSODs and whatever is not the robots that I'm looking for ahaha.

Those asus guys just had a Version 2 of their favorite board show up, and people have started to buy them, so now there's one of those "Old Guys with the Old Thing hating on the New People with the New Thing" parties going on over there, as if the place needed any more problems AHAHA.

Not that asus sucks, I've had more asus boards than anything else over all the years (although I like gigabyte too, that's currently what I'm using, only reason gigabyte don't seem as bad as asus is that there ain't enough of us gigabyte guys to make any noise y'know its just a bunch of crickets).

"hey somebody I need help"

*three months later*

"sup you say something?"

Plus I think us gigabyte dudes are the kinda guys that just like to sigh and suck it up when we get kicked in the nuts over and over again ahaha.

The worst thing about gigabyte imho is that they make so many boards that you'll only get a couple bios updates out of 'em before they're on to more interesting things.

Meh, whatever, I'm torn between the evga and the asus boards, the asus boards seem better but I don't wanna be "the cold and lonely rich guy in the silent prison of high performance," y'know, I wanna be where all the noise is and get shoved around by the crowds and get invited to all the parties and shit too ahaha.

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