Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fear the Download

If we were like the Cylons, in that we downloaded to someplace when we died, someplace where all the other copies of us had to download, and then we all had to share each other's memories when we got reborn, you wouldn't always want to share the memories of the other copies of you, not the ones that had crappy lives.

And you'd probably want to move the Resurrection Ship out of range when an especially unappealing copy of you croaked, y'know, so that you wouldn't have to share its memories and have those memories become a part of you the next time you croaked.

Especially if you were like, a really cool copy of yourself, one who hadn't totally screwed up your job and made an ass of yourself and slept with a bunch of gross-ass human losers and whatever else you didn't want to remember 'cause it wasn't really you that did it heh.

"Dude, which one of me just farted."

Anyways I'm pretty sure all the different copies of you get to pick which memories they want when they get brought back to life, so you don't gotta have the memories of the crappy versions of you, but y'all know what that will end up like after a while, what with all the different versions of you checking to see how many "hits" their memories got, to see if they were popular or one of the crappy ones that nobody wanted to download.

And when you asked all the other versions of you "hey, remember that time I..." and they were all like, "uh, no..." you'd know you were one of the crappy ones.

And they couldn't even lie and say "uh, yah..." and try to change the subject quickly to get away with it 'cause you could always check out their memories later y'know just to see if they were lying about remembering something you remembered.

And then there'd be the other copies of you who picked the exact same memories as you, y'know, you guys who choose to only remember the most fashionable and trendy stuff, bunch of copy cats and posers, like chicks who wear the exact same thing to the party or whatever ahaha.

And then there'd be the totally punk-rock versions of you who all "tried to be different" in exactly the same ways and totally hated all the other versions of you, including all the other punk-rock versions of themselves who were copying them.

And then there'd be all the different Celebrity Versions of You that everybody was either a Memory Fan of or totally jealous of, y'know, the Ones of You who actually created all the memories you guys were stealing, the poor shmucks that'd have to hear all their own jokes repeated back to 'em over and over and over again AHAHA oh man thank Zeus I'm not a Cylon AHAHA what a hell-hole!

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