Saturday, January 31, 2009


Y'know what's weird?

The way folks who learn European English always wanna make an "i" sound like an "e" in a word.

And then it's like, what do they do with all their E's, y'know?

I mean, if an "i" sounds like an "e", what the hell do you need E's for?

You could just get rid of 'em, right?

Yah, see, I dunno, they just hate E's or something.

Which is totally bizarre when you consider the word "Europe," I mean, that goddam word is positively crowded up with useless-ass E's heh.

It's like they got a lotta E's leftover so they just went ahead and stuck 'em silently on the front and end of everything to try to sneak 'em out the back door and get rid of some of 'em or something.

"Man! I hope nobody notices!"

"Dude y'know we could dump a lot of these Extra E's we got into our maps."

"Yah! Americans don't read maps haha."

Poor guys.

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Squash Monster said...

In Spanish, the e makes a long a sound, like in "say".

So then the a is screwed 'cause it only can make the short a sound, like in "awful".