Saturday, January 31, 2009

Battlefrat Galacticrap

I've been watching Battlestar Galactica from the beginning lately and there's one thing that's really bugging me about the show.

Its the way the Pilots treat "Chief" and all the super-genius "knuckledraggers" that fix their spaceships like second-class citizens.

I dunno what the hell that's all about, some kinda hollywood-hates-technology thingie, I guess.

All that crap where the pilots-officers are like blue-blooded knights and the mechanics are like peasants and stable-keepers or something just drives me crazy, theres no frakking way I'd let some pill-popping frat-brat get in my face and talk a bunch of shiz to me, man.

That's just like sending something back to a chef and demanding that he fix it or something ahaha.

"Hrrm, my life-support system is acting kinda weird... the air in here smells funny and what the heck is that noise..."

Plus its just dumb to think that any decent pilot wouldn't know everything damn little thing about their ships, like a hotrod mechanic wouldn't be fairly kickass at driving a hotrod, y'know?

The pilot-mechanic relationship is more from the NASCAR Hillbilly moonshine-running bootlegger end of the gene pool.

And even if you wanted to go all the way back to the Owning a Horse Makes You Royalty Times, and treat Husbandry as if it was Mechanics, and lay that on top of the science fiction theme, like they do with sword-n-sorcery on Star Wars, or Rome on Galactica, or western crap on Firefly, or Navy crap with Star Trek, the stablekeepers were the original Marshalls, the dudes who knew where everybody-who-was-worth-a-damn in town was, 'cause they had all our horses, they were the guys that could gather up a posse the quickest or whatever.

And the guys who take care of horses are probably way better at horse-riding than just about anybody else anyways, I mean, you don't get good at that junk without a serious appreciation for it.

I dunno, its really hard for me to empathize with the too-much-sugar-in-their-cereal entitlement crowd, I guess.

Maybe its some kinda escapism for fratkids who hate science or something, thinking they could be a kickass space-pilot, I dunno.

But its totally bugging me ahaha.

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