Sunday, February 15, 2009


So I'm looking at sound cards and the cool new one is the Creative Labs Xi-fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro card.

I hate Creative Labs just like everybody else 'cause I'm one of those old guys that blames their crappy sound drivers for any problem that is completely mysterious.

That's why I need one.

Anyways I'm prolly gonna get this thing so I was reading about it and it turns out that "Fatal1ty" is some kinda modern "gamer sports action hero" guy 'cept he looks more like one of the Lollypop Guild midgets from the Wizard of Oz y'know where they make their tough little faces and bunch up their fists and kick at the dirt with their tiny little legs all frustrated and stuff awwwww so cuuute ahaha.

Check it:

And the card comes with a free cheap-o looking Creative Labs Fatal1ty Is Drooly Awersomes pair of Earmuffs.

So now all I need is a Fatal1ty t-shirt and a Fatal1ty Roadie jacket and some Fatal1ty Tattoos and a Fatal1ty Pen and Pencil Set with the Fatal1ty 64-bit Pencil Sharpener on the back and some gaudy turquoise jewelery to make my Fatal1ty Lover Fashion Ensemble complete ahaha.

Which reminds me, the new board for EVGA has a overclocker celebrity endorsement, this Shamino dude (who seems nice enough to answer questions and stuff for folks), but the thing that's weird about that one is that the new EVGA board is gonna be another one of these NF200 thingies like the Asus P6T6 WS Revolution with the chipset that gives you the non-existant boost of three true x16 pathways while it slows everything else on your board down to WORKSTATION CLASS battlecruiser speed heh.

I wonder if he wanted to have that on there, and then found out it sucked and wanted it off of there, or if EVGA gave him some cash and then told him he had to have that on there ahaha.

'Cause by my rather primitive caveman-like understanding and totally half-assed calculations, the new "overclocker celebrity endorsed overclocker board" doesn't stand a chance of benchmark testing as good as the old EVGA board no matter how awesome that poor guy is AHAHA I mean its a little creepy if you put yourself in his shoes he's prolly staying up all night trying to make that thing run better than it should so it doesn't drag his name through the mud AHAHA.

On the other hand, the original EVGA board tests way the hell down there at the bottom of the pile so at least he's got that going for him.

And there's dudes that got the Asus P6T6 WS Revolution doing more than 5ghz on liquid nitrogen or whatever, so you could always do something like that, I mean, the board might be crappy, but it can totally take a beating.

Although that's also sorta like shooting a 98 pound weakling with a gamma ray to turn him into the Incredible Hulk and shit ahaha.

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Brooke said...

Fatal1ty is a dick. He thinks he's god's gift to gaming. If you got the shirt and jacket and tattoos, he's the type of dude that would believe you were for real because he's that "awesome."