Monday, July 28, 2008

Mmm Hmm Nah

Alright, so Ex-b is down in Florida right now, somewhere around Orlando, looking for any old crummy job and an apartment that we can turn into a Big Lebowski version of a mad scientist laboratory and underwater supervillian fortress, some kinda antarctic research base where we can stay up all night eating macaroni and cheese and working on this game thingie of ours together.

And I'm working on all sorts of weird and awesome and hilarious scifi game crap that me and him came up with.

Actually I'm doing some pretty boring stuff right now, trying to settle on a scale for the art and redoing the interface for all the interior-of-the-Tower-slash-spaceship stuff at the beginning of the game that you probably shouldn't even know about 'cause it's already sorta "ruining some of the movie" for ya, but I'm half-tempted to tell you guys exactly what kinda stuff we came up with so you can help us evolve it some more heh.

And then again, I don't wanna be like some jackass talking about how delicious the chocolate cake was at the party you weren't invited to, so I should probably just shut up already ahaha.

The scale thing is really annoying 'cause I want the characters on the screen to be big enough that I can do funny shit with their facial expressions and a bunch of animated gag junk like that (in the backgrounds, too) but small enough that they're still "vague" and generic enough for your imagination to fill in most of their details to suit your tastes.

So that a dude who wants to play the game serious ('cause there's a lot of serious stuff in there, I dunno how to do cool space stuff that ain't kinda freaky, let alone all the other stuff I wanna do) won't be too put out.

Y'know, I can't make all the dudes all cartoony with big heads and shit like Pip Boy or something 'cause while that's fine for some junk, the whole "muppet babies" garbage would totally suck for Ancient Rome and Cthulhu-type crap heh.

Plus I'm kinda hoping I don't gotta do multiple scales so that they'll be able to play around with long range combat and stuff.

On the other hand, I'm already doing some of that for vehicle combat, and I probably don't need to do a lot for all the super small "character" images on the world map, 'cause they're so damn blurry and symbolic and tiny that they could be anything.

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