Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Change It a Little So We Don't Get Sued

Actually everything I'm working on is part of this thing where you are s'posed to be restoring the mind and sanity (and some of the memory) of your AI guy at the beginning of the game, repairing one subsystem after another and stuff (the last thing I posted was for a cheesy flashback thingie, y'know, like yer jiggling his wires and his synapses start firing).

And 'cause I'm working out all these different subsystems to his consciousness and stuff, that made me think to make the guy upgradeable, y'know, like a regular computer with hardware and software, you might loot components or make or buy crap that you can stick in its "server rack" slots and whatever.

So now I gotta really figure out what this dude is made out of before I can finish the thing heh.

Anyways, that wasn't really what I meant to talk about.

Naw, see, the thing I really wanted to talk about comes from the way I gotta avoid using red and green and 'cause of that red and green color blindness thingie that Ex-b has, which is totally annoying to me heh.

I mean, when you got to do stuff like traffic lights and computer systems and health and mana bars and good-n-bad-memory chips and yadda-dadda-dah its kinda nice to do the ole "green is good and red is bad" dealie.

So I was building this "repair HAL" thing and I hit another one of those green and red patches, and it made the minigame I was doing into a test for color blindness.

Which I could turn around and work into the plot of the story by having HAL jump up and declare you defective or something once he figures out that you can't tell red from green heh.

"Defective humans aren't allowed to operate on my delicate subsystems!"

Which reminded me of this other thing that occurred to me about the way you could make a minigame into a technical aptitude test that would prevent all the english majors from playing heh.

Dude, there's a lot of shit on PBS where liberal arts people talk about philosophy, you english major guys can't imagine how crazy that stuff sounds to a dude that talks to computers in math and logic, I spend most of those shows going "I can't believe that something thinks that that is a question" ahaha.

Anyways all that stuff made me think about games with Intelligence Tests in 'em, shit man, that's a comedy goldmine, y'know, nobody ever does stuff like that, 'cause they're all like, oh man, we want stupid people to play, 'cause we want their money.

But if you really don't care about that (or if you don't buy into that logic, that's sorta like the logic that games shouldn't be scary, because people don't like to be scared ahaha), then you can do whatever the hell you want, y'know?

Aw I'm just kidding, its a good thing for spoiler sites or my loremaster woulda never finished that goddam level 15 class quest with the bookshelves, holy shit man was my loremaster ever a dummass AHAHA.

Plus, while I don't mind my game being something that'd teach ya something while it entertains you, I don't want it to be so bad that my brother's kids can't play the thing.

Actually, they're smarter than I am, the littler one was giving me physics advice as soon as he could talk, but I think I'm gonna stick with my first story ahaha.

Alright, so I might as well blabber about what I'm doing, I gotta work it out s'more anyways.

See, all these AI-spaceship guys are related to each other, and they got a hierarchy where they end up sorta being like a pantheon of greek gods, where some of 'em are crazy and they try to kill and cannibalize each other and fight over power and there's civil wars and all that.

And as you go along fixing yourself ('cause the AI guy is a character that belongs to you, its something that you play, uh, sometimes, when you ain't playing your clone-characters), its basically the AI character creation system, and its supposed to determine where you fit into the hiearchy and which side you are on and all that kinda crap.

I actually kinda hate that moral crap in games, so don't worry, it ain't gonna be all sucky and simple and lock you into anything and limit you and shit, its just supposed to be a way for me (as the programmer) to figure out some shit about how you wanna play and how you want to portray yourself, I don't even have that hierarchy shit all figured out, exactly, so its not like I'm obfuscating a system where you are choosing sides in a war that you can't change your mind about later (when you actually have some experience and knowledge about the multiverse in the game) or anything horrible and stupid like that heh.

Yah, these AI guys have their own cultures, they'll eventually have their own heroes and villains and news networks and celebrity AI gossip and favorite shows on their eleven-dimensional TV channels and stuff, that's all part of it.

Although the game isn't just about some civil war thingie between 'em all, they might fight with each other and get murderous and stuff sometimes, but mostly they deal with other advanced civilizations, I don't wanna get all introverted and stuff.

Its just that the story starts out with your ship being wrecked on a multidimensional beach somewhere 'cause you got jumped by some bad guy AIs, and in order to escape you translated yourself across the database of the multiverse in a way that caused you to forfeit your grip on a few of the dimensions that you were using for data storage (and the guys who were attacking you didn't want to erase themselves to chase you, so they gave up).

So you're sorta getting your shit together after a nasty drive failure and a wicked beating, basically, y'know, pulling yourself up by your own bootstrap programming and starting over, and you don't even really remember exactly how you got so messed up (not that its a fascinating mystery that you need to solve or anything, the bad guys were gonna use you for parts, the bigger guys tend to cannibalize any of the smaller AI-ships that they can catch whenever there is any kind of fight that they feel like they need to "gather their strength" for).

Although there's a chance that it didn't happen exactly like that.

'Cause mebbe you weren't a runt, mebbe you were a famous ship or something before you erased yourself.

Yah, easy peasy *rolls his one good eye*

I'm not even getting into the crap I got to think about with the mapping of the conscious mind into fun little subsystems that you can fix and shit heh.

Actually this is pretty easy stuff, its more artwork and organization than anything, its not like I gotta make up an entire universe in detail or anything, I'm just making little arthouse tetris thingies and screwing around, all the cool stuff comes for free.

The hardest part is actually the whole deal where I can't use red and green for different things 'cause of that whole colorblindness crap ahaha.


Sundry Chicken said...

Defective humans, eh?

Oh HAL... I am so thoroughly relish asking you if you are NP complete.

No really, just like the superfluous topping, my existence won't matter much up to the point I start cutting the red wire.

Wait, which red wire?

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

I'm thinking about what it'd be like to do an animated "I'm super thanks for asking" singing musical Red Green celebration thingie after I force players like Ex-b to cure Hal's color blindness.

"First it looked like this! And now it looks like this! Hurraaay!"

Y'know, where both pictures are the same heh.

Oh I gotta get it out of my system gimme a break ahaha.