Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt

Man I am laughing my ass off ahaha.

I did this same paperdoll kinda thing a long time ago, I don't remember what I was programming, mebbe I done it more than once, but whatever, there's gotta be some of you out there that done something like this, where you gotta figure out how you want it to layer and make sure your boots look right with all your different kinds of pants and shit, its a total pain in the ass and I got a lot of touch-up work to do, but some of it actually came out kinda cool on the first pass, even though I was just sorta blundering through it as quick as I could.

I got forty different weapons and like eighty-something different pieces of clothing or so, so far, and I know I forgot some stuff I'm gonna want eventually, y'know, like Turbans, and I didn't even bother with Ringmail and all the different kinds of armor that you can't splash down some paint and whip up in a couple seconds, y'know, like, chainmail is easy 'cause you can bucket fill with a pattern and get away with it but junk like ringmail and studded leather is practically pointillism man you gotta put some time into it for it to come out looking right heh.

Damn my bowler hat is a little fuxxored up ahaha.

Mmm, I think I'm gonna get rid of my shoulder slot.

Its one of those "if its there, then you gotta use it" thingies, and the stuff in the shoulders slot generally covers up practically everything else, y'know, its where I got stuff like trenchcoats and pressure suits and biker jackets and cloaks and crap.

But if I combine it with "body," then you'll be able to pick out how you wanna look a little more, and it won't matter to the shoulder slot thingies, they all cover up whatever you got in the body slot anyways.

Only bad thing is that I won't have anywhere for capes to go, y'know, that's like, oh boohoo, no capes ahaha.

Dude, capes are like a curse AHAHA.

Yah, I'll have to combine platemail with surcoats and "suitcoats" and "dress shirt with no suitcoat" and "dress shirt with vest" and junk like that will all be separate thingies, too, but that's no big deal, I kinda had to do a little of that already anyways, might as well go all the way with it.

The important thing is that I got the ancient roman shit and Lovecraftian bowler hat dudes and all that other junk in the end, insteada everybody being stuck wearing trenchcoats and hazmat suits and stuff heh.


Squash Monster said...

Just make the cape a part of the body slot clothing. So you can get a version of your Victorian england outfit that has a cape, or a version of your Catholic clergyman outfit with one. And various ways to put a cape onto a three-colored spandex top. But then you don't really need to worry about people wearing a cape with their hazmat suit. And it's not really covering anything up because it is the thing in the first place, you know?

Squash Monster said...

Oh, and do you know anything about fluid dynamics simulations? I'm having a horrible bitch of a time making one for my current project.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

I probably know a little more than usual about fluid dynamics simulations, only 'cause the "usual" amount of knowledge on any subject that has to incorporate time and space into equations (or do anything in a more than two-dimensional way) is like, zero heh.

On the other hand, its been a long time since anything came even remotely close to stumping me, and I know yer smart, so you got me all curious.

Y'know, you got me thinking about how I'd need to incorporate the cohesive properties of water into a graphical representation of the mathematical model of a water spill and shit already ahaha.

Squash Monster said...

I'm trying to start up an open source version of Dwarf Fortress, starting with me doing all the hard (fun) parts myself before I let anybody else work on it.

The original has some shitty fake fluid dynamics system built in, but that wasn't good enough for me so I'm making a real one. I have an old paper on fluid dynamics for graphics simulation (Foster and Metaxas) and I think I figured out how to modify it to avoid marker particles, 'cause I don't really give a damn where a given particle of water is, so long as I know how much water is in a cell. (I use a float for the volume of a cell and assume there's that much water in the cell, evenly distributed).

Anyway, I had it mostly working for a while, then did god knows what to it (don't code while you're getting sick). The part I'm having trouble with is the crap for edges of the water. I can figure out what's an edge cell easily enough, but the paper really glosses over what you're supposed to do about it.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Never played Dwarf Fortress, but I've actually built graphical water simulations from scratch before.

Not cell-based, so that's kinda confusing me, but I assume that's got something to do with the way the dwarves mine tunnels or something (has this thing got deformable terrain?) and you need the water to flood 'em right when they screw up AND you want it to be all jello-wobbly in 3d AND you are either having a problem with the shoreline or your waveform moving right with neighboring cells or something (when most of the water things I've seen lately that looked really good were actually just kickass multiple layer transparent texturing tricks).

Even if you could explain it all to me (which is doubtful) I'd prolly just come up with some kinda cheesy trick (that you'd hate) to make it look right, I'm all about cheesy tricks and shit, those clock cycle gods at ID beat all that photorealistic raytracing shit out of me a long time ago ahaha.

Squash Monster said...

Ah. Well... the technique I'm using is a rather oldschool one, dunno if that's the one they use in modern times. But the idea is that you take the actual physics equations for modeling fluids, which of course use calculus to operate over a continuous mass, and turn them into discrete (cell-based) versions so they make sense. The math is fuckall complicated but somebody else already did it.

Dwarf Fortress uses a cell system too, to model the terrain and stuff. Because yeah, you want them to be able to mine (it's the point really). And in the original you can fuck up and flood the place, but I'm gonna be an evil bastard and make sure that the water can splash around so it gets everywhere and slowly seeps to the bottom of your fortress and you have to deal with it.

I don't actually need to figure out how how to make it jello-3d-awesome, 'cause it's tile-based and I'm going to draw the water tile wherever it's over a certain amount of water in the cell.

So I had all the fancy physics equations set up, and it modeled everything decently. But there's this thing about water where you can't squash it. And I had to do something about that because otherwise all the water in the world would end up in a few nooks and crannies. So you need to put in some code that makes it so no cell has more water coming in than it has leaving, which, even though I did it right, broke the thing.

Because that bit where the water needs to have the same amount coming in as it does coming out is wrong if you're at the edge of the body of water. And there's some fancy thing to fix that, but the paper was really vague about it and my cheap hack version just didn't work.

Once I get it working though, magma is next. Which will use exactly the same code with a different viscosity setting, and be completely bitchin'.

Squash Monster said...

And it's worth getting it to work right, because people build this really elaborate shit in Dwarf Fortress based on every thing they can. So, for example: the fact that the water thing has water pressure means they could dig out a huge space next to their fortress entrance with a big valve pointing across the hall, and fill it with water. Then they could pull a lever and nail whatever is standing there with a big pressurized blast and send it flying.

Or I could periodically set the bottom of a magma vent so the pressure is really high pointing upwards, and that'll make magma spray everywhere. Make people think twice about building their entire fortress around the magma.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Yah I had a feeling it was gonna be all hydraulic and shit and involve porous rock and tidal waves models for the shoreline and shit, I just didn't wanna guess all that right off the bat and go over my self-imposed limit for nerdiness and then have you saying "wtf are you talking about" ahaha.

I'm wondering if the reason they got vague about the edges is 'cause they pulled some cheap trick to get it to work right, I think the guy who came up with a decent mathematical model for a tidal wave was a pretty recent thing, y'know, like, just a couple years back or so.

Whatever, I'm glad its exactly as awesome as I was hoping ahaha.

Squash Monster said...

Oh god. Porous rocks. That's a horrible, evil idea. Thank you.

And yeah... I'm gonna be stuck in Wisconsin, likely without internet, for the next week. So I should be able to make some progress.