Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big Wheels

I had to get rid of the hood ornament 'cause it was too cheesy even for me heh.

This is just the first of a bunch of ships I gotta do 'cause I'm doing one of those George Lucas thingies with a whole fleet of ships moving along at different speeds so it looks like its all in 3d and stuff.

I wanna end up with that effect you get when you look down into clear water and see all the different levels of fish swimming around but we'll see how good that turns out, I ain't no stickler fer perfection ahaha.

This is one of the bigger ships in the center of the fleet of those eleven-dimensional AI spaceship thingies.

And I totally cheated on the background, and the picture of the sun, 'cause the sun is supposed to be a sorta-transparent animated "thrumming" engine thingie and I ain't bothered to do that yet, but at least I got the mask set up for it now.

The original idea I had was a ship that was so big that it could have continents and oceans, just sitting on the hull, held down by gravity, in that circular thingie at the center, but when I do a ship like that I'll need skip the windows and shit, 'cause it won't look right.

And I guess some ships have black holes in their center, when they get really old and horde a lot of mass, and then there's smaller ones with all the different kinds of stars, and even smaller ones that have gas giants, and even smaller ones that just have a bunch of water or hydrogen or something, and then there's supposed to be all sorts of really tiny ones that look like regular fighting ships without the whole gigantic planet-eating borg dealie, but the general idea was a space civilization that strip-mines everything it comes into contact with centered around a bunch of huge-ass "cargo" ships-slash-cities-slash-planets (slash-solar-systems, I guess) in the center.

I kinda like the idea of ships that are so huge they get gravity powered fusion for free and maybe even iron as a waste product heh.

And the whole black hole gravity dealie is about as good as you can do for making the whole warping timespace crap believable, y'know, I'm all about sweeping all my loose ends into a black hole 'cause of the way that they can turn tons and tons of bad ideas into a "singularity" ahaha.

And since I'm totally into the handwavium and unobtanium thingie already y'know its like wtf I might as well go all the way and get me some kickass ground effects and subwoofers in space going untz untz untz and everything awhellyah its the Starship Alabama, baby, its the Mississippi Queen AHAHA.

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