Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

Man, programming the interface for this thing is pure torture heh.

It autoadjusts to fit whatever kind of item you are making, not because that was an especially smart way to do it, but because it was easier to make it the way I really need it to be, where I can see everything that's going on (like this template making and paper doll testing thingie, which players will probably never see) and then just delete it down into pretty little separate and easy-to-use things for regular people afterwards.

A lot of the fields are empty 'cause this is the real structure of the items in the database and either templates don't use those fields (yet), or they're for the item "front-ends" and "appearances" that players can add to the game, or they're fields used for actual instances of items, like "mods," which is where the magic bonuses and crap go, and attributes that aren't used by item "templates" or "appearances" which hold the "level" and "experience points" of items that belong to people in the items table (y'know, the stuff that your character is carrying around is in there too, along with the "front-ends" and the "templates" that every item is based on).

On the bright side, since there's extra fields that I ain't using for templates, I don't gotta donk around with redoing the database if I wanna use some of 'em for adding more item attributes to templates (like ammo and junk) as I test things and get bored with how simple I made stuff to start with.

Not that I'm there yet, right now I've just started adding all the templates and I'm making sure the paper doll is layered right (the graphics are gonna be crap but that's easy to go back and fix up later when I feel like doing it).

Oh, the different types of item entries (templates, appearances, and actual items), and the different sorts of items (weapons, armor, accessories, trade goods, and containers, atm) all use the same fields differently, so like, one handed weapon "templates" use their two URL fields in the items data structure for storing the images of the right and left hand weapon on the paper doll (which players aren't expected to come up with), and the weapon "appearances" and "actual items" use those fields to store the URLs to the player-added image (which you see when you check out an item's details) and the icon for that item (which defaults to a shrunken-down version of the player-added item image right now, we'll see how long I can get away with that heh).

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