Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Drill Bits

Welp I've got all my weapon templates in the game complete with crappy little pictures for the paper doll, and I'm working on the armor bits now, just finished the cheesy graphics for the helmets and hats, which is about half the armor items, since there's a lot more kinds of hats and helmets than there is any other kinda clothing, I mean, there's like, bowler hats and bandannas and space helmets and hockey masks but there's really only a couple kinds of jackets and gloves, y'know, its kinda weird that humans are so hat-centric when you step back and take a look at the whole thing heh.

After I finish the paper doll graphics for the armor it only takes a sec to add all the templates in and then I dump them back out of the database so I can hardcode them into my re-installer ('cause there's no sense in a fresh install without all the templates in there).

And then after that, I gotta make a couple backpacks, I'm not real inspired to think of different kinds of "sacks" *rolls his one good eye* but once I got a couple bags in there I'm pretty much ready to go for playing the game with a working paper doll and shit, I mean, I still gotta add some "appearances" for items, where you add the URLs to pictures from the internet and crap and make a description for 'em, y'know, just like a regular player (so that's easy and it takes two seconds), and then I gotta fix up the merchant in town some to carry some of my brand new randomly generated items, and then I gotta wire up my "view details" thingie on the inventory pages, once I finish that, and then I get to finally work the kinks out of combat and make it look pretty, but I'm cruising right along.

I mean, after the combat thing, I'm actually down to doing "fine-tuning" and "filler" stuff, things like adding the front-ends so players can own their own buildings and making the maps work inside buildings and towns, that's more like cut-n-paste than anything else 'cause I already got all those things working in the game somewheres, I just didn't replicate it out to every place that needs it.

And then there's the fun stuff like adding gambling and quests and fooling around with vehicles and adding more specials and crap.

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