Saturday, January 26, 2008

Taking the Hobbits to Isengard

So Ex-B started playing Lord of the Rings Online with me this week, finally.

And we got this kickass little Minstrel-Guardian Hobbit Dungeon Bulldozing Team that managed to defeat the Most Evil Tree at the Blackened Heart of the Old Forest on the third day he was playing.

Just me and him.

And it was a totally awesome fight that went on for like four days and nights where my little Armored Hobbit got sent sailing into the treetops whenever the Most Evil Tree got really pissed off at me and gave me the Hulkamaniac Hobbit Punt heh.

But I forgot to take pictures of that.

Well, y'know, I was a little preoccupied, what with all the laughing and screaming battle cries on voicecom and bouncing off the treetops and trying to get my stumpy little legs to get me back into the fight before the damn thing turned on Ex-B ahaha.

Just like I forgot to take pictures of the Mummra Nazgul Looking Thingie we fought, in the Battle of Whatsisnuts, y'know, the one with all the Fog Effects and Killer Rats and the Human Ranger Guy that we had to keep alive.

And that's just like I forgot to take pictures of the half-hour long Benny Hill Chase Scene that started when we had to retreat from a Goblin Army and we actually ended up retreating deeper into the Goblin Army insteada out of it and leading a merry chase and a Classic Epic-Sized Train of like twenty or thirty critters around and around the battlefield with dogs biting us on the ass and goblins throwing spears and nets at us, including one part where we stopped running for a couple seconds because we were sure Ex-B had died, even though he was still alive, before we finally got away ahaha.

Yah man, I really suck at taking pictures, or even remembering to take pictures.

Plus pictures just ain't as cool as seeing it as a movie anyways.

But I did finally remember to take a couple pictures when we got to the top of Weathertop, y'know, where Frodo got stabbed with that Morgul Knife and Aragorn fought off those Nazgul Guys in the movies.

So anyways that's what I been doing lately.

Well, besides watching the Third Season of Stargate: Atlantis, which is pretty frickin' awesome.

And tonight I gotta go to my little brother's Oldest Sons birthday party, so no LOTRO fer me.

And I dunno if you got any siblings (I know some of ya do) but when you are one of two brothers, when yer little, y'know how one of you is always "the Bad One" that's "in the Doghouse" with all the women in your family, and the other one is "the Golden Child That Can Do No Wrong?"

Because you know how Adults always gotta turn everything into some kinda oversimplified Soap Opera by stereotyping you?

Just 'cause they love drama and watching movies about sick kids and stuff?

Well that's whats going on with this poor kid, the Birthday Boy is the one in the doghouse this season, and his momma don't even wanna talk about his birthday party (but that shit switches back and forth, y'know, it'll be his little Super Genius Golden Child brother's turn to be in the doghouse soon enough heh).

So whatever, I gotta go over there and show him some support, being a guy that pretty much spent his entire youth In the Doghouse as "the Bad Brother" ahaha.

And tomorrow I gotta go with my P's to see their new Log Cabin project in the Middle of Nowhere, Michigan (or mebbe its Middle of Nowhere, Indiana, I aint exactly sure).

And everybody is sick with the flu and bronchitis and who-knows-what over here and its all snowy and freezing (which makes me wanna hibernate like a bear) and we're all eating old-fashioned Tamales to keep warm and waiting for the magical healing effects of mom's Chicken Soup to kick in heh.

And that's that.

Anyways, you guys should come play Lord of the Rings with us, y'know?

Insteada Saving the World or whatever yer doing over there in the corner with all that fancy frankenstein equipment ahaha.


Anonymous said...

Those are cool pics from the top of Weathertop. I'm glad you're liking LotRO. It's been getting some flack on forums around but it's really a solid game.


Sundry Chicken said...

k, i'll give in to the pull of the ring... what server you guys on?

i just pray to all that is holy that whatever horrifically uber name i choose hasn't been snarfed up already.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

We're on that Windfola one.

Or Windfolia.

Or Winfola.

Or Winfolia.

Or Winfoilia.

Or something.

A lot of my characters have a "Z" in their name because Tolkien really seemed to hate the letter Z and I wanted to try to annoy his ghost so he'd show up for questioning about various bits of Tolkien Trivia ahaha.