Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Death of the Purple Fruke?

Well, this is kinda cool.

Guess you still gotta wait till yer twenty to get rid of the easter-egg purple and yellow newbie tights and stuff though.

But that's supposed to build character and glue a big sweaty glob of hair to yer chest and all that good stuff or whatever y'know heh.

Here's all them other dev blogs thingies, they got all the stuff they're adding in the Chapter 12 Update that's supposed to be making a landing soon.


mynn the museless said...

arcannus? Tank Zek itz Friday?

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Yep and... yep.

Even if you ain't the REAL Mynn the Museless I could count on one hand the people that would know me by THAT name and I like all of 'em so pull up some pizza boxes and fashion them into some sorta comfy make-shift honorary throne fer yerself ah there you go I guess you musta done this "improvising pizza box furniture" thingie before!

So... you get married to that old geezer you were mooching off of back in the day or what?

I always thought you might get together with Kelnya and that would finally prove once and for all to all my real life buddies that he wasn't actually a wood elf girl in Real Life y'know sorta like when Michael Jackson got married to that Elvis Chick ahaha.

mynn the museless said...

By bertoxxy's buttcheek, as I live and breathe. Drop me a line. Take the displayed username, mashitalltogether and plop it in front of an and I'll give you directions to the travelling bar and floating bazaar if you like. Or we can catch up using email.

Wait till you see what Kel is up to! And some of the rest of us, too.