Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Spread Out

Y'know what bugs me about other mmo players?

There could be a humongous area to hunt in, but they almost always follow you around and crowd you no matter how hard you try to get away from 'em.

They're like that Heya guy from Baldur's Gate heh.

I guess they do it for that safety in numbers thing or they're chicken shit little kids or something 'cause if I'm hanging out in a dangerous place its like ten times worse.

So I try to be nice about it and put up with it but it drives me frickin' crazy, yknow?

'Cause that way they're all crampin' up on me not only makes it more dangerous for me 'cause they might mess crap up (especially when half my stuff is AOEs) but it makes it take longer for me to kill whatever the hell I gotta kill to get out of there heh.

People do the same thing in real life, y'know, like when some runt is constantly setting off your spider senses 'cause they're standing too close without realizing it, like they're getting ready to grab on to your clothes or something like a little kid (that same horrid panic instinct is the reason lifeguards have to be ready to knock people out before they can drag 'em back to shore).

I guess that's some kinda "flight" instinct for baby monkeys or some shit, where they cling to their mommas 'cause they can't run fast on their own.

Thing is, if I decide to pick fight insteada flight, you grabbing on to my clothes is gonna put a serious damper on my kungfu.

And then there's the dudes that are always hanging around in your blind spot like some dimwit that's just barely sentient and doesn't realize that if he surprises you with some loud noise in your ear or something your body might just go off on automatic like a bear trap and smash half the adult teeth out of his head before you are even conscious of what's going on heh.

I suppose they do that 'cause they wanna use your body for a human shield or some shit, which ain't the kinda thing that's gonna make me stop kicking your ass any sooner ahaha.

So I say the same thing I say to folks in real life, spread out, don't be all humpin' up on me with that shit of yers.

Mmm that reminds me of Big Ed's Grenade thingie heh.

Originally that Grenade thing just reminded me of the gag country folks do where they yell out "hey look a deer!" to see how many city people are in a crowd, y'know, 'cause they're the only ones that would think a deer is interesting enough to turn your head for ahaha.

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Bonedead said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. It happens to me mostly while driving. Those people who act like they want to pass you but once their window and your window are aligned they just hang out with you. I like to say that they're trying to hug me, and I ain't no carebear! Really makes me want to rip out jugulars and such.