Monday, January 7, 2008

Rainy Day Stuff

Man I dunno how it is by you guys but we went from being covered in like one foot of freezing bitter cold ice where the high for some of these days was Negative Two to a sudden watery tropical storm heatwave over here where I'm letting the hail and stormwind and thunder blow through through my apartment and I'm almost tempted to turn on the air conditioning.

Its pretty weird man, I'm getting like Spring Fever or something way the hell early and they're issuing tornado warnings totally out of season.

Anyways I been playing a lot of LOTRO and listening to Charlie Rose interviews on Youtube (and some of This American Life stuff, thanks to Janey, although you gotta be able to handle the whole New Yorker jive to do that, and some of 'em are kinda depressing) while I solo so I been in a sort of "consumer" mode funk lately where I don't feel like going to battle with entropy or anything over here.

That always happens when I get into playing a game, y'know, if I don't got the energy left over to do the whole improv thing in a continuous blast while swtiching hats one after another to prove that I'm coming up with it off the top of my head it just doesn't seem as cool to me.

Oh, Robin Williams is always a good Charlie Rose interview, especially if you wanna see the real Charlie Rose laughing his ass off and cracking jokes, but there's Hunter S. Thompson and all sorts of other awesome stuff, you can pretty much type in anybody's name and "Charlie Rose" on the search and come up with something interesting, y'know, that's just how Charlie Rose is, he's like the Old Guy from Turner Classics Movies that's the Wizard of All Movie Knowledge or something heh.

Almost all of 'em have messed up video sync but I don't care about that 'cause I'm just listening while I'm running around in a game.

And the second half of this American Life thing is totally cool if yer a time travel nut (not that the first half isn't kinda awesome too heh).

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Sundry Chicken said...

Man, robin williams is good. Scary good. Too bad you weren't watching teh video. His joke about the asian dubbing being off while doing some kung-fu movie spiel and moving his lips and talking at different times was even more intoxicating when it was off even more because the streaming audio/video were out of sync too. Made my day.