Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What The Fuck

Yah, I been gone a while.

I do that every so often, as everybody who has known me for any length of time can attest.

My Highly Esteemed By All Other Women (and me) Mom says that my Highly Esteemed By My Mom Aunt says that everyone needs to get away from everybody else and recharge their batteries sometimes.

Yah, that's the Aunt that gathered all the other orphans on my dad's side of the family and raised them as if she was their mom.

I don't remember her name, sorry.

I know it ain't Aunt Liz, that's the last one I met, and she wasn't the Matriarch of that side of the family, she was a fellow escapist.

Well, I'm a little fuzzy on my real dad's side of the family, since he was always trying to kill me, y'know.

Yah, I'm one-half New York Orphan, if that helps.

And I'm also a literal bastard, literally.

Yah, anyways, my mom looks up to only one woman, and its that woman, my aunt on my father's side, the Matriach, whatever her name is.

And her saying is: everyone needs to get away from everybody else and recharge their batteries every once in a while.

Its a good saying.

Its definitely one that I follow.

Yah the whole theory is that other people around you drain your batteries, and your batteries only recharge when you get away from everybody else.

My mom also has this theory that men are like dogs and they need a bigger dog to look up to.

That one really pisses me off, but that's 'cause its like a mathematical explanation of all modern religion, y'know?

Well that's just one of them things what happens when you try to fuckover the whole Sacred Feminine Thingie heh.

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