Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Dunno

I dunno how any of you crazy hippies can stand to live down there on the planet's surface.

Ain't you worried you could be hit by a meteorite or a solar flare or a volcano eruption or a gigantic interstellar collison or something?

You guys must have a really efficient cloning system with minimal genetic degradation.

Or mebbe yer actually out-of-phase with the rest of the universe?

Or mebbe you just like it 'cause being so close to death all the time drives you into a psycho-sexual frenzy of panic and stuff, like those auto-erotic guys that choke themselves, mebbe yer all a bunch of suicidal berserker sex-fiends.

I dunno man, but I can't sleep down there with you guys, I don't care how sweet fresh air tastes, I'd just twist and turn and sweat my ass off all night long, I mean, I like being able to put at least one planet between me and the bad thing that's happening and I don't care if I basically have to breathe through my own socks to do it haha.

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