Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Get a Job

So, yer reading this at work, eh?

When yer s'posed to be doing some other mind-numbingly boring shiznit?

Yah, don't even try to lie to me, you bastard.

Well, me and my buddy Ex-bouncer need new jobs that don't totally suck.

Yah, he says he's like selling t-shirts at flea markets and shit, anything better than that is what I would define as "don't totally suck."

Shit man, I don't care where you live, I'm totally cool with riding your personal hot pink (for the color-blind) jet plane to Egypt, as long as we can get some good mexican and chinese food from somewhere.

If yer the son or daughter of some rich motherfucker, then forget that job shit, just let us live in yer guest house and we'll get all high and laugh our asses off while we play playstation 3 and drive around yer circular driveway in yer momma's roadster and shit.

Heck, I'll even write some cheapass poems like "it's not the wind that howls, its everything it touches, howling at its touch" and paint some naked chicks and stuff so we can pretend we're artists and patrons of the arts and shit, that'll be awersomes and fool everyone.

And if yer the rich motherfucker like Bill Gates or whatever, then skip all that, send yer kids to boarding school, get the wife hooked on sleeping pills, and let's get the party started ahaha.

Times-a-wasting, brother.

Or sister, I ain't against chicks or anything, either, if yer husbands always "working" we don't even need to waste time with the sleeping pills haha.

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