Saturday, October 4, 2008

Television City

I noticed the Three Stooges called a cigar a "heater."

And its always been a bad sign as a Time Traveler if you ever get stuck with a guy who calls a handgun a "heater."

That's the kinda thing that makes Time Travelers laugh in an uneasy, worried laugh kinda way.

And then there's what we called "heaters" when I was a kid.

Which was a girl's boobs.

'Cause I come from a place where it snows a lot.

So cigars, guns, and tits.

Has all the makings a brand new elite government-funded cult-fighting strike-force: "Mammaries, Tobacco & Firearms" or something ahaha.

While there is some kinda cool-guy link between those things, its a little weird that those things are all tied together with the word "heater," even if you're a cool guy with a medically limited vocabulary 'cause of some kinda weird motorcycle accident or something.

I think the Three Stooges "cigar" usage of "heater" is the odd man out, though.

I mean, we used to say stuff like "don't point those things at me!" when I was kid, so the link between the other two seems okay, you can see how that'd work.

But the "cigar" one is a little weird.

Maybe that's 'cause the world I'm used to is pretty much cigar-free.

I don't smoke cigars, maybe some of the people I know smoke cigars, but they don't smoke 'em in public, so its like, you basically never see anybody smoking a cigar.

But if you think about a world where everybody has a cigar in their hand twenty-four-seven, where little kids and housewives and everybody is always smoking cigars all day long and running around with cigars in their hands, then people pointing cigars at each other might be a bit of problem, too.

And saying "hey man don't you point that heater at me!" might be a pretty common thing, then.

So I guess that's the strange world of the Three Stooges.

Man, its no wonder that they're so weird.


Jeffool said...

Actually I watched Hitchcock's Lifeboat the other day, and a guy refers to his cigar as a heater. So, obviously from this we can conclude that Hitchcock films and Stooges shorts all took place in the same canon. ... Shit, that makes The Birds hilarious!

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Yah imagining Hitchcock scribbling the word "heater" into one of his scripts and then all the actors and everybody raising their eyebrows a bit but being too afraid to say anything about how odd it is DOES make me laugh ahaha.

"Mmmmmhmmmrrr this is how the COOL people talk."

"Oh I see! Thank you!"

Probably just another one of those memetic virus thingies that we'd eventually trace back to Groucho Marx in the end anyways.