Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jungle Bus Airlines

Oh man you know what we need?

A cargo plane that can land in the water.

One that we can turn into a recreational vehicle on the inside.

And a pilot guy to fly it.

I'll be co-pilot and crack jokes and shit to keep him awake.

And then we'll also need an Arabian Prince or something to keep us supplied with fuel.

Yah man, then we just fly the thing down to the tropics and make a website where folks can charter us for vacations, easy peasy.

We can come and pick 'em up and everything.

Dude if there's a VTOL cargo plane that can land in the water we could land on the street in front of their house.

If they ain't got one of those maybe we can get the Arabian Prince to build one for us, like in one of those A-Team Montages where they built crazy vehicles in a junkyard.

And we could even make it into some kinda Internet TV-show thingie or turn it into some kinda weird airborne late night talkshow or something so more people will wanna sign up for vacations with us.

Add Captain Bob's Treasure Hunt thingie into it.

And sell some Wish You Were Here Postcards for Pets and stuff.

Or we could make it into a fake reality TV show like the Office mixed with the occasional actual cheesy vacation charter thingie, if we're feeling lazy but we still need the tourist money to pay for hula dancers and alcohol.

Mixed with a little "Lost" so that it doesn't have to make any sense.

With random stressed-out looking people walking through jungle bushes for five minutes at a pop between commercials and stuff.

Easy peasy man.