Monday, October 6, 2008

Poser Science

Man, the Ig Nobels were a total dud this year.

Yah, guess all the mad scientists are trying to go mainstream and produce crap for the masses now or something.

Its like the Arena Rock Achy Breaky Heart Country Music of Punk Rock Science now, man, what a shame.

Used to be stuff like how different kinds of toads taste when you lick 'em and junk, man, those were the good old days, before the band sold out and started to suck.

Well, okay, the Plants Have Dignity thing was pretty awesome heh.

And the French one with the Fleas on Dogs jumping higher than Fleas on Cats, that's pretty good.

I mean, how the hell could you use that bit of information for anything ahaha.

But the other ones are actually kinda useful and stuff, y'know?

1 comment:

W.Churchill said...

ahhahha "studying the medical side-effects of sword-swallowing"

shit man how the hell can I get my hands on some of that government funded 'research' money.

Got an idea on testing for any possible side-effects of being a lazy bastard who gets paid by the government to be a rich lazy bastard.