Saturday, October 4, 2008

Joe Six Pack

With all the hockey mom crap lately, its made me really start to appreciate how smart the soccer moms were.

I mean, soccer moms have started to seem almost unobtainable and aristocratic in their intellectual elegance and magnificence.

Soccer moms are practically supernaturally graceful and delicate at this point, like the scent of nectar from the elder days of yore that we can only half-remember in dreams that are too strange and silky to survive the moment we wake, chased like the dew before the clumsy warmth of the morning.

And while my mind may ineffectually ponder the passing of creatures in the mists of even more ancient times and of even greater beauty than the Soccer Mom, my heart knows that is not fit for the adventure, and it dares not to follow, for fear of breaking!


joe sixpack said...

Honestly, I find this whole affair both sad and amusing.

Amusing because you have GOT to laugh.

Sad because clever people are now signing me up for lots of right-wing psycho blogs, email newsletters (yes, they do still exist) and politico spam messages available.

It is worth noting that the ease of removing yourself from subscriptions, mailing lists, etc. is VERY poorly done --in contrast to the more tech-saavy, liberal, god-hating, technology-loving sectors of the world.

God and country do care about clean water, well managed businesses and functional user interfaces.

Barbarians do not.

Even my most beloved NASCAR is the pinnacle of automotive technology and a sublime fusion of machine and man united for the singular purpose of winning it all.

Let it be known world. Joe Sixpack will NO LONGER stand for unsolicited, unverified and un-American behavior.

This time its personal.

PS grammar nazi's, I'm coming for you. Look before opening you're door. It might be me.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

"Uh... guys... I think Joe Six Pack might be against Prohibition and the War on Devil Alcohol. NASCAR was actually started by bootleggers tuning their cars to outrun the police!"

I seen all this stuff before, they did the same sorta crap to Johnny Appleseed, man, and look what happened there, we got Global Warming!

I think we need a little more Separation of Legendary Outlaws and State or something ahaha.