Saturday, October 18, 2008


I been programming a lot for moolah so I ain't had any brain energy for all this stuff lately.

Sorting and sifting through gigantic puzzles for eight hours a day makes "my boys upstairs" turn the light out early.

Plus I'm getting old y'know so all I wanna do when I get home from work is watch some Matlock or whatever and go to bed.

Which reminds me of the way my grampa called the stuff he liked to watch on TV his "programs."

Like, "I want to watch my programs."

The only thing he ever liked to watch on TV was Wrestling and the Three Stooges and kung fu movies, y'know, those were his programs, he was a World War II hero and a CIA guy and he could dance the jitterbug so he wasn't keen on subtleties and wispy bits of fluff and intrigue produced by folks who imagined more than they had ever seen and stuff ahaha.

Anyways its kinda weird that he called the TV shows he liked his "programs."

Like he's loading entertainment programming into his head or something.

Just like its kinda weird that they call that thing they hand you at the opera or school kid's musical events a Program.

Any word with "gram" used that way in it is kinda new and futuristic, y'know?

Like, its weird to think of opera-writers as guys who are programming the opera house or creating programming for the opera house or something, but apparently that's what at least one of 'em thought they were doing, y'know, a long time ago before there were any computers.

So whatever, I spend all day swimming around in real programs, and then when I get home I just wanna get away from programming, so I go home and load myself up with some entertainment programming that helps me get my mind off of my hard day of work programming.

Jeeze looeeze I shoulda been a lumberjack with a pet monkey or something.


W.Churchill said...

When I was in basic training I had a drill instructor tell me to "Get with the program" but I dont think its the same thing.

Also I just spent 45 seconds trying to delete a comma in this comment box that turned out to be tiny bug on my monitor

Jeffool said...

So... How've you been?

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

I'm all good man.

Just been busy making money.

And when I ain't just been busy making money, I just been resting up in preparation for being busy making money heh.

Ex-b came back from Florida a while back, Christmas was awesome, and I'm still poking around with my game stuff, but I do the exact same kinda junk at work, now, mysql and app programming and junk, so that puts a serious damper on how much juice I got left over at the end of the day to fool around making stuff for myself out of it.

And yet I'm still plodding along, working in linux now 24/7 ('cause that's what I use at work too *sighs*) with a kickass brand new widescreen monitor and all the bells and whistles and stuff, ain't using windows or xampp no more.

This old blog thingie of mine is REALLY starting to look crappy to me now that I know how easy it is to do all sorts of super fancy stuff ahaha.

Oh, on the brightside, I work with a bunch of mad scientists from all the nearby local versions of the mad scientist laboratories from scifi novels where a bunch of guys open a gate to an alien dimensions and monsters pour out, so I got THAT going fer me AHAHA.