Thursday, June 21, 2007

News From Bree

They just started this Summer Solstice Party thing in LotRO.

And I gotta say, they did a great job, man.

They got a Pub Crawling quest in the Shire, where you race from tavern to tavern back and forth across the map on a time limit, drinking more and more beers at each stop, until your screen is swaying back and forth and everything looks like an old double-exposed civil war photo or something, and the "drunk" debuff icon is telling you that you should "seek a minstrel immediatley" heh.

And they got this thing where you and fifty other players stand around a stage and follow the lead of a hobbit Dancing Instructor on how to do Hobbit Style Dances, its the MMO equivalent of Country Line Dancing.

I dunno who thought that junk up but its some of the funniest and coolest stuff I ever seen in a MMO.

And to top it all off, my stupid loremaster wasted even more of his college tuition money and mastered the cultivation of Pipeweed, including all the rare ones, here's some Old Toby in action.
All this fun and I didn't even have to kill ten Large Giant Spiders, who woulda thought it was possible ahaha.

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