Sunday, June 24, 2007


My brother is a Welder, y'know, one of those guys that climb around in boilers and hang upside down from bridges and build junk, I guess.

And he's all about Building Stuff, he's the Handy Man, y'know, he built his kids a frickin' Water Park with the slides and everything in his backyard heh.

He gets that from my mom, who is totally into making stuff and building things, she's a painter and a carpenter and a gardener and all that.

I take after my stepdad, who is all smart and smokes pipes in the air conditioning and stuff ahaha.

Anyways, both my parents are science fiction buffs, which is kinda weird, but I appreciate how lucky I am in that department, y'know, 'cause I can always borrow some awesome crap from their DVD collection and it makes buying 'em crap for 'em fer the holidays a lot easier on a guy like me who can't stand going to the store because of all the bright lights and screaming children, I feel bewildered and frightened like King Kong in there, man.

And last christmas, my mom got me and my brother these little hand-torches, y'know, like the Colonial Space Marines used to weld doors shut in Aliens.

My little brother no doubt uses his hand-torch to fashion sculptures of dinosaurs out of wrecked vehicles for the neighborhood hillbilly kids to play on.

But all I ever used mine for is lighting cigarettes.

Which is prolly the least destructive of the bad stuff I could be using this blasted thing for, I guess, so at least I got that goin' for me heh.

Yah, the joke in my family is that my brother fixes stuff, but if you ever need something totally wrecked and destroyed, you know who to call ahaha.

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