Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hello Kitty

"What the hell are these?"

"Cat pelts."

"I asked you for bear pelts."

"Yah, well, bears are dangerous. Plus their fur is all sucky and stuff. Feel how soft these are!"

"Yah, they're pretty damn soft, I guess. But my woman is never gonna go for this cat pelt stuff. She's a cat person."

"Just tell her its rabbit pelts. Rabbits are all soft like this."

"Well why the hell couldn't you just get me some rabbit pelts like a normal person anyways?"

"It'd take more than a bowl of milk to catch a bunch of rabbits."


"Yah, I'm telling you, we're sitting on an economic goldmine, here."


Almagill said...
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Almagill said...

(Reposted because I can't spell)

OK, here's what we do, we sell the cat pelts, but we only skin fat cats. Then we use the fat cat meat to make pies, sell the pies to the vendors over on the enemy side, then, when they're all moaning and groaning because their arteries are clogged to heck up with cat fat we jump out screaming BOO and such, they have heart attacks, we loot, pillage, plunder, whatever your bag is..

and then we sell the bodies, in pies, to the orcs. Rinse, wash, repeat all the way up the food chain.

C'mon, a couple of weeks of that and we'd be the richest cat pie wranglers on the block...