Wednesday, May 16, 2007

By the Flaming Sword of Aradune!

Hey Brad, don't take it bad.

You can always come play LotRO with me!

It has some forced grouping, I think you'll like it!

And we need a healer!

Raph totally sucks, man, he never pays attention to our tactical situation 'cause he's always doing grabass emotes with the Elven Emos or trying to figure out how to play Charlotte the Harlot or some damn Paul Simon thing on his guitar!

And then whenever there's a quest npc he makes us wait while he "fetches his glasses" and reads the whole thing out loud to us on voicecom so we'll know what the story is for roleplaying purposes!

Jeff has got like 22 silver in repair bills and he's broke!

Yah, he wants us to give him money, y'know, says we should "tip our guardian" for taking all the damage for us, but screw that man I need my money to buy me s'more Purple Toys that I'll outlevel in like thirty minutes.

I'll even reroll as a stupid looking human guardian and join you in the newbie yard 'cause I'm tired of trying to fight against all the statistical mental conditioning and "population control" systems.

You just gotta, y'know, pass on all the juicy purple loot rolls and let me mine all the nodes so I'll have enough moolah to pay for own repairs heh.

Yah, well, unless you wanna tip yer friendly neighborhood guardian for soaking up all your repair bills or something ahaha.

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