Thursday, May 17, 2007

Brave Little Hobbits

So I'm playing LotRO, and I'm a hobbit warrior-guy with a shield, y'know.

And I need to do my 15th level class quest.

So I truck out to the land of the Big Folk over there by Bree and I go and find this farmer-guy I need to protect from bandits and suddenly four bandits show up shooting arrows and stunning me and tearing me to shreds with DOTs heh.

So I wake up in the Circle of Humiliation and Heavy Armor Repair Fees and I truck back out to that farmer-guy and I try to do the quest again, figuring this time I'd use more ghetto-dawg kiting strategy and stuff, y'know, and split the bandits up at least.

Boom, back in the Ring of Defeat heh.

I was starting to wonder if my armor was completely broke or something 'cause these guys seemed to go right through it.

So then I quit out of the game and I read the forums and apparently everybody has a pretty rough time with this one but they had all sorts of strategies to try and so I promptly tried them all a few times and absolutely none of them could ever work for me at the rate I was getting smashed (to say nothing of the farmer-guy npc I was supposed to be protecting who did his best to make it impossible to kite anything heh), besides "getting some help" or "outlevelling the quest a bit."

So I got some help.

Which was no problem, really, 'cause there was a dwarf nearby and they seriously are all heroic and big brotherly to hobbits.

And me and the dwarf (who was also a guardian like me) totally destroyed the quest no problem.

So then he's like, hey, wanna come with me and kill some orcs?

And I'm all like, sure man, even though I didn't really need to kill orcs for anything, y'know, I figgered I owed him for helping me and stuff and killing orcs is fun anyways.

So we take off running north on our tiny little legs across miles and miles and miles of golf course and we pick up this Elven Champion along the way (he's a guy who dual wields swords if ya din't know), and we all start tearing up this army of orcs.

And then this "signature" boss mob gets on us.

And then this "elite" boss mob gets on us.

And we got like four other little blue orcs mobs shwacking away at us, too.

And the elf dies right off the bat fighting one of the little blue orcs off somewhere all by himself while I'm tanking all this other boss mob junk 'cause the dwarf is using a two handed hammer instead of using a shield heh.

And the elf quits the group without a word, and the dwarf doesn't say anything when he does 'cause we're too damn busy with way more scary life-and-death stuff ourselves.

And me and the dwarf manage to kill all the rest of the stuff, including the little blue orc that killed the elf who came running over once he plastered the pointy-eared freak heh.

But the dwarf doesn't even miss a beat, he just runs right into another huge pile of orcs, and there's archers all over the place shooting the hell outta him and I'm trying to run around and gather up all the archers before he croaks but he was dead before I could get back to him and get the two guys that were beating on him off of him (he generates as much aggro as I do with his moves 'cause he's the same thing I am).

So now I got this huge pile of dudes beating on my poor little hobbit and I'm all alone with this giant mess the dwarf made (plus two more adds who wandered through while I was gathering up archers) and he's just sticking around his corpse to see how I do.

And I beat them all, oh hellyah, baby, sword and board all the way.

Plus, hobbits recharge really fast once a fight is over, so I'm pretty much full health a few seconds later, which just adds insult to injury I think.

So he says "sorry bye" and heads off to the Circle of Defeat in a typical Dwarven Funk and quits the group.

So my total kills for all this is like twenty little blue orcs, a signature boss, an elite, and two players heh.

I dunno why I had such a hard time with those four damn bandits in that 15th level quest, they must've been using like Radioactive Ammo or something ahaha.

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