Monday, August 11, 2008

Animation Hell

Now I remember why I learned all the 3d and computer stuff.

It was so that I wouldn't have to do this kinda junk anymore heh.

I guess I shouldn't complain, it ain't nothing compared to how mind numbing disney-style stuff is, I'm trying to get away with the minimum amount of drawing necessary, y'know, if you really look at UO, there wasn't a whole helluvalotta frames to that shit, it was all like, frame 1: "halberd guy with foot forward swinging his arms," frame 2: "wrap up" and crap, click click click click ahaha.

When you do really bad animation, its fun to walk around in real life imitating it, swinging your arms all super fast into the next position and stuff, its all totally Farley-Time man, using that belt like a hula hoop AHAHA.

Oh yah, now I remember what I was gonna talk about, the way I suck at drawing wimpy guys, I gotta like, draw a muscle guy, 'cause that's all I really know how to draw, (since I learned how to draw from studying myself in the mirror *cough*) and then "skinny him up" to make him into a poindexter type dude.

Actually I learned how to draw when I was little, copying the pictures from the dinosaur books and stuff like that from the library to turn 'em into coloring books for me and my little brother, all hillbilly ghetto-style.

I'm still a lot like a medieval scribe would be in the pen and paper isle at the grocery store, y'know, all "omfg! sixty four colors and a quill sharpener on the back!" ahaha.


Corvus said...

*eltrohc* When my wife and I are standing around waiting for something, we'll often start Kain's idle animation from Blood Omen 2. It gets us some interesting looks... which is probably why we do it.

Jeff Freeman said...